Policies By Categories

A list of policies by categories. Some policies are confidential and will need you to login into MyNU to view.

Administration & Operations

Policy Purpose Sector Division Department
Corporate Credit Card Program How to obtain a corporate credit card. Finance and Operations Operations & Finance Business Affairs
Enforcement of Parking Enforcement of university parking regulations University Student Affairs Campus Safety
Dining Commons Use Policy Policy and guidance for arranging events in the Clet Dining Commons University Operations & Finance Center for Events & Mgmt Dev.
University-funded Travel Sets out the terms, procedure, and forms related to travel paid for by NU University Controller Controllers Office
Commitment to Ethical Business Practices To confirm the University's commitment to Ethical Business Practices University EVP Executive Vice Presidents Office
Energy Policy To set the policy for energy-saving measures and comply with the Presidents' Climate Commitment University Sustainability Committee Facility Services
Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Define driver responsibility, driver etiquette, charging station safety requirements, and restrictions for privately owned electric vehicles while charging at the designated EVCS locations on campus. Finance and Operations Operations & Finance Facility Services
Financial Aid OSAP Policy Policy to administer Ontario Financial Aid Appendices Financial Aid Financial Aid
Essential Trained Responders and Essential Personnel To establish a system for utilizing the categories "essential trained personnel" and "essential personnel" Finance and Operations Committee on Crisis Management Other
Conflict of Interest 2017 In conformance with the NY NFP Corporations Law and applicable HHS regulations. University General Counsel President's Office
Whistleblowing The policy for reporting suspected fraud and abuse of university resources University General Counsel President's Office
Model Camp Safety Plan A template to modify as needed per the Camps & Clinics for Minors Policy ; Modifications not to be used without officer approval University Operations President's Office
Registrar's Policy and Procedure for Transcript Notation per New York Education Law 129-B Compliance with NYS Education Law Article 129-B with regard to transcript notation University Registrar Records Office
Student Leave of Absence Policy To set the policy and procedure for medical and personal leaves of absence by students. Military leave is covered by a separate policy. University Dean of Students Student Affairs