Policies By Categories

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University Corporate Documents & Mission

Policy Purpose Sector Division Department
Tax Exemption Status University/ Overseen by General Counsel General Counsel President's Office
University Charter Records Aggregated Charters since formation of seminary and university University Provost & General Counsel President's Office
Bylaws Bylaws of the corporation University General Counsel President's Office
Conflict of Interest 2017 In conformance with the NY NFP Corporations Law and applicable HHS regulations. University General Counsel President's Office
NU Survey (Map) 2015 Official Survey and Map of NU property, including the Main Campus and Parkway Lands University General Counsel President's Office
Mission Statement Sets Niagara University's Mission Statement, a core document which influences every action the University takes University President's Office
Board Policy: Academic Freedom Sets the board policy regarding Academic Freedom University President's Office President's Office