Welcome to the NU Policy Collection, the new home for Niagara University's Policies. These policies have been established to create a safe and productive work and learning environment, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

What is a Policy?

According to the University bylaws, a policy is "a written statement which guides the actions of the University". Niagara University's policies are listed by category below; please note some policies are in multiple categories; also, due to their confidential nature, some policies will require you to log in to MYNU to access them.


This category is used to showcase policies governing the experience, rights, and responsibilities of students.

Employment & Workplace

These policies guide the professional experience, rules, and conditions expected of faculty or staff and can also apply to interns and volunteers.

Administration & Operations

This broad category covers policies overseen by the Administration and may be further specified when viewed by sector, division, or department

University Corporate Documents & Mission

This category hosts the foundational documents, such as the Corporate By-Laws, Corporate Certificate, Academic Senate Constitution, and Mission Specific Documents

Educational Policy

This category hosts Educational Policies passed by the Academic Senate. Per the Niagara University By-Laws, Part III, Educational Policy is defined as "a written statement which guides the actions of the University in areas such as Academic Freedom, Academic Standards, Standards for Admission, and Retention of Students"


This category gathers required compliance documents such as the University's Title IX statement, policy on discrimination, and other policies required by state and federal regulations. Very often these policies will also be listed in other categories.