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Policy Department Effective Date Purpose
TestBusiness Affairs2023-12-25This is a test
Ontario (NUO) Time Off PolicyHuman Resources2023-10-01The University's Time Off Policy (TOP) program sets out the eligibility and rights to vacation, paid sick, personal, and other statutory leaves.
Weapons PolicyOther2023-06-08Niagara University is committed to having a safe and secure campus.
Nursing Mothers Break TimeHuman Resources2023-06-07Outlines the proceures for break times for nursing mothers
Academic IntegrityAcademic Affairs2023-04-19Sets standards and procedures for Academic Integrity
Title IX Grievance PolicyEquity and Inclusion2023-04-13The purpose of this policy is to cover Niagara University's institutional awareness and response to assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, as required by Title IX and New York State Education Law.
Sports Wagering PolicyAthletics2023-03-06This policy addresses sports wagering and adheres to applicable National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bylaws, New York State law, and federal law. The policy applies to the Niagara University Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors, President\'s Cabinet, Deans, Vice Presidents, and Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents (\"Restricted Persons\").
Policy Governing PoliciesUniversity General Counsel2022-12-08A policy is a written statement that guides the actions of the University community.
Investment PolicyBoard of Trustees2022-11-01The Investment Committee ("the Committee") is appointed by the Board of Trustees ("the Board") of Niagara University ("Niagara” or “the University") to assist the Board in fulfilling its Investment Fund oversight responsibilities. The Investment Fund ("the Fund") includes assets of the University that are deemed to be long-term investments, including the endowment.
Electronic Monitoring Policy - OntarioHuman Resources2022-10-11Electronic monitoring can be used to collect information about employee activities in the workplace. It may be conducted to ensure quality control, employee safety, security, customer satisfaction, and compliance with the University’s Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources policy. This policy describes Niagara University approach to electronic monitoring.