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Name of Policy Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
Effective Date 2021-11-14
Purpose Niagara University is a not-for-profit university, and its facilities, including computer and data resources, are to be used in furtherance of its not-for-profit, educational, research, and service purposes. More and more university activities are conducted using computers and electronic communications, with increased convenience and accessibility from and to all parts of the world. At the same time, today’s inter-connected environment intensifies the risks and threats of unauthorized access to computers, inadvertent disclosures of sensitive data, and unexpected destruction of essential information, resulting in potentially serious consequences to individuals and to the institution. Members of the University community and affiliates interact with a wide spectrum of sensitive data for numerous reasons. Evolving federal and state/provincial regulations require organizations and individuals to safeguard sensitive data. With computing so widely distributed throughout NU, the responsibility to safeguard computers and data resources extends to all members of the University community and affiliates.
Statutes and Regulations
Approving Body Employment & Workplace, Students,
Department Information Technology
Policy Owner Information Technolgy
Public Yes