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Policy Department Effective Date Purpose
Incoming Transfer Credit Acceptance PolicyAcademic Affairs2024-05-03To define the University\\\'s policy on the recognition of academic credits earned at other institutions and applying same towards the completion of Niagara University degree programs.
General Education TransferAcademic Affairs2024-04-23Advising incoming transfer students of courses in the general education requirement that may be dropped or substituted.
Academic IntegrityAcademic Affairs2024-04-09Sets standards and procedures for Academic Integrity
Conferral Dates & Diploma PracticesAcademic Affairs2024-03-21To establish guidelines and procedures for determining the conferral date of degrees and certificates awarded by Niagara University.
Affiliated FacultyAcademic Affairs2024-03-21To enhance the academic and research environment f the institution, promote collaboration and innovation, and extend the institution\'s reach beyond it\'s core faculty and resources.
Add/Drop, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal: Financial and Academic LiabilityAcademic Affairs2024-01-26Articulation of the academic and consequences of a student who adds or drops a course, withdraws, or takes a leave of absence form the university.
TestBusiness Affairs2023-12-25This is a test
Course Withdrawal Policy for Programs with Accelerated SchedulesAcademic Affairs2023-10-20To adjust deadlines and processes for accelerated programs so that students are not penalized or billed because of an accelerated timeline.
Ontario (NUO) Time Off PolicyHuman Resources2023-10-01The University's Time Off Policy (TOP) program sets out the eligibility and rights to vacation, paid sick, personal, and other statutory leaves.
Weapons PolicyOther2023-06-08Niagara University is committed to having a safe and secure campus.